Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a discount for Volume Purchasing?

Yes, the discount should be applied automatically. However, if it is not applied, you can enter the codes amnually in the coupon section at checkout.

Any purchase over $300 (subtotal) will have a 5% discount.

Coupon code is: Over $300

Any purchase over $500 (subtotal) will have a 10% discount.

Coupon code is: Over $500

Any purchase over $1000 (subtotal) will have a 15% discount.

Coupon code is: Over $1000

Any purchase over $2000 (subtotal) will have a 20% discount.

Coupon code is: Over $2000

Any purchase over $5000 (subtotal) will have a 25% discount.

Coupon code is: Over $5000

Again, these codes should show up automatically so only enter them manually if they are not already there at checkout. 

Also note that only 1 coupon code is accepted, so if you bought a BOGO item and your coupon code says BOGO, entering a different code will eliminate the BOGO deal.

2. I do not have a Department of Revenue Tax Resale Certificate. Can I still register?

Yes, this document is only required if you do not want to pay sales tax for your purchase. We cannot use your Employer ID Number as your Department of Revenue Resale Tax Certificate. It usually costs an extra $100 (approx) per year but it is the document that allows you to buy merchandise without paying taxes for the purpose of reselling it and collecting the sales tax then. 

You will however, always need to upload a copy of your ID (driver's license) to create your wholesale account.

3. Can you tell me more about your Brazilian Overlay Jewelry?

Yes, our Brazilian Gold Filled/Overlay is a heavier (Glorified) plating. It has 3 times more gold than the mainstream Gold Plating. The items we label Brazilian Gold Filled have 3% gold content in 18kt. The Gold Filled manufactured in the United States has 5% gold content and is done in 14kt.

Our Brazilian Gold Filled is from one specific manufacturer and the items are really beautiful, they look and feel like real gold. They are the highest quality of gold laminate items we sell. Like anything else, there will always be people that complain, about anything, but in general, these items are really really nice and they always have the same tone of gold.
The ones we label Gold Overlay also have a thicker coating than the Gold Plated but not as much. It has close to a 2% Gold Content, these come from different manufacturers and the tone of the gold differs from one manufacturer to the other.
The ones labeled Gold Plated are from many manufacturers. There is a lot of variety of available designs. These usually have less than 1% gold content. Tones vary as well.
4. Can I try your products without spending $100?
The link below has a couple of items that can be ordered as a bundle and does not require you to reach the minimum purchase.
You can only add one of those items to the cart, if you add from any other page on the site it will require the $100 minimum.

5. I Would like to know if you guarantee the gold laminate?

We do not have an official guarantee since it is ultimately not solid gold.
With that being said. It is very rare that the items labeled Brazilian Gold Filled will have any problems.
If a customer returns one of those items within a few months of purchasing, you can give them a new one and I will send you a replacement.
There is a VERY small percentage of people who can't use anything other than gold. There is also the percentage that will treat it as gold and never take it off.
The items never tarnish, but if you wear it like crazy, the gold layer eventually wears off and the base metal is exposed.
The ones labeled gold overlay and gold plated tend to last less, but they should all last at least 4-6 months.
You will see the difference when you receive the items that are labeled Brazilian Gold Filled. They are really beautiful, look like gold and last a long time.
All the gold plated/overlay/filled can be washed with liquid soap (like dishwashing soap, not a bar of soap or shampoo or bodywash) and water after each use. If they wash the item with liquid soap and water after each use, they will be very very happy. If they wash it once a week, they will be very happy. If they don't wash it....the sweat, cream, perfume, spray, and all the other elements will start eating away at the protective layer and then the gold and they will be happy for only a little while:) 
6. How do you clean Silver?

For sterling silver, you can either use a silver cleaning liquid, (we sell those for $3.50) or you can clean it with baking soada. Just wet a tuthbrush with water and dip the toothbrush in the backing soda, then brush the ugly away from the silver jewelry:) Liquid soap and water also works if they do it after each use or once a week.

 7. How do I clarify something in an order?

You can always write a "Note" for your order in the Notes section when you check out. We will always read the notes before we start he order and contact you if we have any questions.

8. Do you make custom designs for your customers?

At the moment, we are only distributing the designs our manufacturers already produce. Once the option becomes available to us, we will offer it to our customers.

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