Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the prices here on the website wholesale prices?

Yes! these prices are half the prices in the store. 

2. What is the minimum wholesale order?


3. Is there a discount for Volume Purchasing?

Yes, but it is not automatic, you need to enter the codes manually in the coupon section at checkout. Also, note that only 1 coupon code is accepted. Here is the link to check the coupons:

4. I do not have a Department of Revenue Tax Resale Certificate. Can I still register?

Yes, this document is only required if you do not want to pay sales tax for your purchase. We cannot use your Employer ID Number as your Department of Revenue Resale Tax Certificate. it is the document that allows you to buy merchandise without paying taxes for the purpose of reselling it and collecting the sales tax then. 

You will however, always need to upload a copy of your ID (driver's license) to create your wholesale account.

5. I Would like to know if you guarantee the gold laminate?

We do not have an official guarantee since it is ultimately not solid gold.
 It is very rare that the items labeled Brazilian Gold Filled will have any problems. If a customer returns one of those items within a few months of purchasing, you can give them a new one and I will send you a replacement on your next order.

6. How do I clarify something in an order?

You can always write a "Note" for your order in the Notes section when you check out. We will always read the notes before we start the order and contact you if we have any questions. Also you can email us at 

7. Do you make custom designs for your customers?

At the moment, we are only distributing the designs our manufacturers already produce and we can do just special sizes, ordering a minimum of 100 pieces and giving half of the payment like deposit, it takes around one month to be ready. As soon as another option become available, we will offer it to our customers. 

8. Do you offer Samples?

Yes, we are doing sample orders just for the new customers and they are not free. Contact us for more information.¬†ÔĽŅ

9. How long does it take to receive the order?

We take 1-2 business day to prepare the order and ship it, depending on the size of the order. Then it will depend where you are located, the carrier and the option that you selected at checkout.