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Fantasy World Jewelry has the largest selection on 18kt Brazilian Gold Filled, 18kt Gold Overlay, Gold Plated, Stainless Steel, and Sterling Silver Jewelry available online.

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BGF (Brazilian Gold Filled) items last the longest. Most times over 12 months.

BGO or GO (Brazilian Gold Overlay or Gold Overlay) last an average of 7 months.

GP (Gold Plated) items last anywhere from 3 to 6  months.

These are estimates of what we have seen after 30 years of selling the same products.

We would love to serve you. We try to provide the best quality jewelry in this industry. We do not sell real gold, but we try to come close to making look like we do. Our products will mostly satisfy you. If not, you can exchange or return them.

We can serve God at our place of worship, yet we can also serve God at our jobs.

We like to serve You, for God's Glory, at our job:)

It's why we do what we do.

Be well.