How to Order from PDF Catalog?

We are in the process of making all the items on the "PDF Catalog" orderable by simply adding to the cart.

The items that are ready are on the "PDF Catalog Items" section of the menu.

You can still order the items that have not been transferred to that section. Here is how:

Download the Order Form

Simply fill out and send back to us by email ( or fax 305-324-6211.

If you want to add these items to an order that you are already placing online, just let us know that you are sending an additional order via email or fax so we can look out for it and ship it together. There is a section at "Checkout" that allows you to add notes for the order. You can use that section to let us know about the additional order. You can even use that section to tell us the items you would like to add, but we recommend you download the Order Form anyway so you can see the information we need when placing the order.